Beginning Sounds Mini Books

Whenever I buy or create something for TPT, I always think about multiple ways I can use it. If I am going to spend a bit of my classroom budget or $$$ out of my own pocket (which I really try not to do!!), I want to make sure I squeeze out every ounce of value.

I created these printable phonics mini coloring books for my classroom. Here are some ways you can use them!

Morning work or table time activity

Print and set out crayons. Done! The easiest morning work. No prep activities save me when I am running late

Send home for families to work on and read together

Families are always asking for things they can do at home. Here is a simple one. Send home crayons and scissors too if needed!

Students practice “reading” their book

Such a simple way to build confidence and try out those book handling skills.

Use as a quick fine-motor assessment

  • which hand do they use?
  • what grip do they use?
  • what prewriting stage are they in?
  • how are their cutting skills?

Build phonics and phonemic awareness in your classroom

Word Wall

post them up on your word wall. students can add my drawing more things that beginning with that sound on notecards

Letter Sort

Use 2 – 4 of the books at a time. Cut them apart and have children sort them by letter

Alphabetical Order

Cut the cover page from each book and hid them around the room. Children search for the cards and work together to put them in alphabetical order.

To grab this resource for $3.00, check it out in my TPT store here


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