5 Favorite Hello Songs….and a freebie!

I love fostering a joyful and social classroom community. One way we do that is to meet together at circle time at the start of each day. We begin by having the ‘song helper’ choose a hello song. I have scoured the internet to find hello songs that I enjoy. There are just some kid songs that I cannot listen to. These are 5 that the kids LOVE and the teachers love too!

I’ve included the YouTube links here for learning the words and actions. In the classroom, I play the songs from my Spotify list. I have found that the kids are much more engaged and will participate in doing the actions if there is no screen to stare at.

Oh Hey Oh Hi Hello By Jim Gill

I usually get some funny looks the first time we sing this one but then the kids love it! They really get into making the silly faces.

Hello, Hello by Nancy Kopman

Teaches following along and body parts!

Bread and Butter

This might be the All Time Student Favorite. Once we’ve mastered it, I have the kids give suggestions for how else we could say hello – like a: mouse, monster, robot, lion. The list goes on and on.

Hello Hello by Super Simple Songs

Simple actions and gets the kids moving in the morning!

Everybody Clap by Nancy Kopman

Another one with simple actions to get us moving!

Check out my Spotify Playlist here!

What are your favorite hello songs?